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What is GreenLeaf Press?

Resources for parents and children on Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, & Modern History, Literature & Art.

The ORIGINAL (and still the best) resource for teaching history chronologically.

Since 1989, Guaranteed 100% twaddle-free.

History & Biographies for Children.

History, Literature, & Art presented in a Christian, biblical worldview.

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Greetings from Greenleaf Press!

Greenleaf Press is a small family-owned and operated publisher and supplier of quality books for children. Rob & Cyndy founded Greenleaf in 1989 out of their experiences looking for good material for their own children's study of history. Since then, we have created twelve annual printed catalogs. This is the fourth year we have attempted an online catalog. We're excited about the many new things we've found over the past year and we look forward to making new friends online.

Why did we start Greenleaf Press?

Many of you know us and all about how Greenleaf Press came to be, but for those of you who don't, here's a brief history. We started Greenleaf Press twelve years ago because we could not find any history program for our children that satisfied us. We had looked everywhere for a curriculum that would begin at the beginning and present history in a logical, readable, chronological way. We never found one. Along the way however, we did find some wonderful books, sadly, out of print, which were not full of "twaddle", but instead told interesting stories about real people. We discovered that our kids loved history when it was presented in the form of an interesting story about a real person. And so, we started Greenleaf Press, to bring back to life some of the wonderful biographies which had been used to teach history so successfully in the past. Famous Men of Greece and Famous Men of Rome were our first ventures.

And then we discovered that not all the good books were out of print, so we began carrying books by other publishers. Finally, so many people who liked the books wanted to know HOW we used them, so we decided to publish Study Guides showing how to integrate biographies, activities, and reference material.