DK Eyewitness

The DK Eyewitness series have set new standards for reference books for children & young adults. Each is conceived and laid out as if it were a museum exhibition. The most significant and most well known artifacts in each category are beautifully photographed and displayed with lengthy explanatory captions. The format of all 136 books is identical: hardback, 64 pages, glossy paperstock, four color photography on each of the 25+ two-page spreads.

Homeschooling parents will want to exercise a bit of caution with the books on Evolution, Early Humans, and Prehistoric Life, but they are useful in documenting how the popularized versions of modern man's creation stories are being packaged and presented.

There is a 137th volume on Witches & Magic-Makers, but Greenleaf does not sell it.

DK presents all 136 titles sorted alphabetically by title on the inside front & back covers of each book - a singularly unhelpful way to organize them to my way of thinking. In the Greenleaf store, I have grouped the books into eight categories: Geography, History, Religion, Entertainment, Art History, Biology, Science, & Technology.

If there's a particular title you're looking for, try using the search box at the top of the right-hand column.

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