Some Thoughts on Scouts & Spies

Based upon the experiences of the author and historical observation
Gerry Barker
ISBN: 1882514904
Format: Paperback
Pub Date: 12/01/2010
Publisher: Greenleaf Press
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It takes someone who has really done it to make sense of the nuts and bolts of scouting in hostile territory. This analysis is based on the lives and experiences of frontiersmen like Sam Brady and Simon Kenton in the Kentucky and Tennessee Indian wars. Included are the methods of silent movement, concealment, organization, equipment and internal signals. These techniques are timeless and have been the mainstays of scouts for thousands of years. The focus is on making them work.

"Some Thoughts on Scouts and Spies is not a book to read once. Instead readers will keep referring back to this book to expand their knowledge. It is a book for those those who want to improve their skills in hunting. It is a book for those who have become involved with the reenacting hobby, and find themselves studying and doing 'Historical Archaeology.' For all of them, this book will serve as a manual on the "Scouting" trade."
- Ray H. Swenson, MA - History
Instructor and Visiting Lecturer of Colonial American History, Rock Valley College
Senior Lieutenant, Rogers' Cadet Company of Rogers' Rangers

About the Author
Gerry Barker blends historical research with living history experiments and real life adventures. After a career in the U. S. Army which included sixteen years in Special Forces assignments in the United States, Europe and Asia, he threw himself into the field of history pursuing academic degrees at the University of Wisconsin and working as both volunteer and employee at museums. He began an interest in living history during an assignment in Germany and this became his passion. His present research is into the skills of living on the Eastern Colonial frontier in Tennessee & Kentucky
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